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Tiny Broken Moons

Hoarding tiny broken Moons, Suffused with scattering light.When nightmares come knocking,I draw one out for warmth.These tiny broken Moons, Shelved carefully in my heart.Their golden dye me in their ink,From head to the tips of my toes.Beautiful,my tiny broken Moons, Spinning around like a loon.Foolish smiles,bears hugs,Comfortable silences in dusks. My tiny broken Moons,Light upContinue reading “Tiny Broken Moons”

Young Lovers

Crossed fingers, Starry nights. Disguised truths, Heartbreaking lies. Feverish stares,  Begging answers.  Young lovers, World mocks. Poet laughs, Gullible fools. -Arya Kimi No Na Wa or Your Name in English is a heartbreaking anime and a treat to eyes. This poem is kind of inspired from them. Two words in each line represents the twoContinue reading “Young Lovers”

A Fool

Know the faceUnknown the heartThe saccharine sweetnessLike a poisoned knife Glided down my heart.A fool? Maybe. A willing fool. Tousled dark hairAnd those dark eyes I admit my tunnel visionOverlooked the darkInside those very eyes. A fool? Definitely. A blind fool.Fell in loveHarder than last timeThe bloody wine Exchanged handsObviously poisoned. A fool? No.A deadContinue reading “A Fool”

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